Video: This STPR special stage is quite spectacular

Admittedly, when it comes to US and Canadian rallies and special stages I usually rest my case and proclaim my ignorance in advance. Translated, I do not really know the events, stages or the type of terrain. Somehow I think most of the stages are dead flat 6th gear over some equally flat corners and jumps, nothing twisty or narrow or rough. In reality, of course, things are a bit different as this particular video proves.

I don’t know whether this stage is still part of the event. I also don’t know if drivers like this stage or not. But to me it looks just perfect. Fast sections, slow sections, technical sections, I-hate-it sections, rough sections, narrow, twisty, open, wide… a bit of everything. There is no time to rest and the pace note delivery is rapid, as it should be. You can hear the crew working together, you can see the pace notes seemingly going in and out of sync by few fractions of a second, as they usually do when the stage goes from open and fast into slow and technical. This is just one great rally onboard video. And best of all, it was a random catch, but a good one. I hope you agree.

Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally 2012, SS1 “Waste Management I” (love the name), crew: Evan Cline and Grzegorz Dorman, car: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Well done boys!