Gaps may be big, but so is the Guanajuatito

Sure enough, Sebastien Ogier’s lead in Mexico is what you could call solid and/or pretty significant. Same goes for the advantage Jari-Matti Latvala has over Thierry Neuville – three and a half minutes is enough time to stop, have a Corona and move on while still maintaining the lead over your rival. Further down the order the gaps are equally big if not huge. Only possible exception is the 47 seconds separating 4th placed Elfyn Evans from Neuville in third. Elfyn did say there will be no room for attack at this point in the event and it’s obvious why, but that gap can quickly evaporate in rally.

On the other hand, we’re looking at one peculiar day today. We have 4.42 kilometer power stage to warm things up, followed by the monstrous Guanajuatito test, almost 56 kilometers long. That is immediately followed by another stage, 11.63 kilometer Derramadero after which it’s time for final challenge, 8.25 kilometer El Brinco special stage, which is also the power stage.

In short, there is enough mileage today to eat up even the biggest gaps. This rally is far from over.