Video: Virtual Ouninpohja, RBR physics and driver’s eye view – wow!

This legendary special stage was once again forced out of the official itinerary and this year drivers will not be able to throw their cars accross many fantastic crests and jumps all while keeping the engines firmly in the red. Perhaps this favourite stage of many drivers will return to us in the near future, but until it does, here’s the best possible alternative and you can enjoy it too.

Real Physics Team released another video in their Driver’s Eye series, featuring very elaborate virtual racing setup and, drumroll please, Ouninpohja, carefully recreated to include even the smallest crest and bump. The game in question is, of course, the immortal and legendary Richard Burns Rally. With three monitors it is much easier to drive on such a stage, making it possible to actually see where the car is going as it slides around the bend at 150 km/h. The final touch is the driver’s eye point of view – it really looks quite spectacular.

Savo Stage Team Finland is responsible for development and construction of the virtual Ouninpohja, and if you want more information about this particular physics model, direct your browsers to this Facebook page.

Karli Pikk, thank you for the tip.