What is Toyota actually waiting for?

  • Ziemas

    I’m not sure you can count on Toyota plowing huges piles of money on to a WRC project. As we’ve seen with TMG’s LMP1 budget, the executives in Japan have turned out to be very averse to big motorsports investments after their lack of F1 success.

    It’s also uncertain as to what TMG’s current standing is in the Toyota family, they where reportedly unaware that a decision has already been made to build a Lexus GT racecar for the future Le Mans GT regulations.

    Can we be sure that a Toyota WRC car is actually on the cards for Toyota’s management in Japan? Or is it just a TMG project going forwards in the hope of securing funding for a proper rally programme?

    Their WEC programme is probably what aligns most with Toyota’s current image and ideals. And as noted, even on that TMG has been left to secure large parts of the budget by itself. I just don’t see why they would suddenly turn around and spend large amounts of money on something.

    • Very interesting observations, many thanks for this comment. You are right about the WEC and most likely also right about TMG as well, especially concerning the source of budget for this alleged rally operation of theirs. Safe to say, this will be interesting story to follow.

  • Tom what about Toyota waiting for vw and citreon bail out in a couple of years and then take a handy championship really hope not.

    • I think (and hope!) that will not happen. I also think Toyota would not be interested in a devalued championship with no real competitors on board. Some say Volkswagen is doing that very thing at the moment, with their oh-so-huge budget – it’s true to an extent perhaps, but I do pray it does not become a normal modus operandi for future teams. Thanks for your comment Gavin.

  • Alex Langheck

    Ziemas has hit the nail on the head. After spending/ burning millions on F1, the top brass are wary about spending too much on Motorsport programmes.

    This is the first year with the new TS040, that is were they should be concentrating their efforts.

    They’re also wanting to promote their hybrid technology – if the WRC doesn’t go down that route in 2017, then I don’t think they’ll join in.

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