Ogier wins Lisbon superspecial

If there is a special stage out there, he will (want) to win it, no stage is too big or to small for him. Even a tiny little superspecial stage, set on the streets of Lisbon counts and there is no room for backing off or slowing down. Fortunately this year there were no retirements, crashes or drama on the first timed test and mixing speed with care Ogier was able to outpace the rest of the field and take the provisional lead. However, the real things starts tomorrow, when slippery and muddy stages will test the best in the world once more.

Speaking of tests… it’s MoT test for me tomorrow, meaning I’ll probably miss a good deal of WRC action. I sincerely wish you a very exciting day of rallying if you promise to wish me a very uneventful day in return.