Volkswagen Motorsport presents the history of Rally Argentina

Events are much more than just a name in the WRC calendar and while we may know a great deal about some of them, like for instance Monte Carlo or Finland, others could present a true little mysteries. Maybe you know rallying in Argentina did not begin nine or ten years ago, with the arrival of the all conquering Sebastien Loeb, Daniel Elena and Citro├źn, but what exactly is the story of Argentina and the top rallying category?

Walls of text are boring, more often than not. Long stretches of written material can provide very detailed information, but it’s not exactly exciting or imersive enough. Well, Volkswagen has a solution for this wee problem. The history of Rally Argentina, presented in a very dynamic format, with all the important information as well as fantastic hi-res images, covering all the eras of this event.

Direct your browsers to Volkswagen Motorsport’s website and enjoy the presentation.