Rally car as a daily driver?

  • Hutch

    Certainly know of people who do rallying on a strict budget and there rally car is also there road car however usually very standard rally cars! Interesting you mention wearing a Helmet and HANS on the road however on many Clubman British Rallies you are told to remove helmet on road sections. Could possibly be due to restriction in head movement I dont know but thought Id point it out!

    • Helmet and HANS were more tongue in cheek, but also can you imagine your head coming in contact with rollcage bars if you don’t have these new seats with side head protections? Wear your “belts” too loose and hit a bump and suddenly day could turn into night if you slam your skull against the steel. Perhaps it’d never happen, but just something which always sort of bugged me. On the other hand, wearing helmet would probably just kill the good part of the pleasure of driving. Not to mention raise countless eyebrows! :D

  • Marko S.

    something like this?

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