“I love to hate you…” or day 1 of Rally d’Italia

  • JMR

    I think you captured my feelings about today just about perfectly.

  • JMR

    BTW your comment system is broken, at least on Chrome. The captcha that pops up after you hit submit doesn’t display a text box. (The box is below the lower boundary of the window, and there is no scroll bar. I had to hit Tab until I got to it.)

    • WRB

      Thanks for this info, I’ll check it out.

  • MattJ

    Tom/WRB, are you the creator of this website?

    I cannot reply back to your last post, as the post box gets smaller and smaller and I cannot see the “code” and then post it in the box and hit reply… annoying..

    • Yes Matt, that’s me. Can I ask you to direct any tech complaints to social@worldrallyblog.com. I do suppose you’re experiencing these problems while using mobile devices?

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