The Robert Kubica interview you must not miss

  • JMR

    Amazing interview. I wonder what he’s referring to regarding problems at M-Sport. Surely Malcolm Wilson won’t like what he’s about to read (and he WILL read it, no doubt…)

  • Interesting, honest and insightful as ever. Great interview.
    Strong and determined guy, great example to follow, no wonder he was selected as a Personality of the Year by FIA last year. With this attitude and his talend this guy can achieve incredible things.

    The M-Sport problems hint came out of nowhere! But he was always honest and outspoken, even in F1 he didn’t hold back when he wasn’t happy with BMW. I wonder if it’s to do with that infamous gear changing system.
    Nevertheless I keep my fingers crossed for a finish in Poland! Another exciting weekend ahead!
    Bring it on! Go Bobby K!!!

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