Kimi’s final farewell to F1 imminent, should he return to WRC? Twitter thinks he should!

Kimi Raikkonen often spoke of some unfinished business in Formula 1 during his WRC outings and in interviews so naturally the world respected that for he is a former World Champion and a capable driver. His return to Formula 1 saw him join Lotus and then Ferrari, but we’re still waiting to see the real Kimi, if he’s still there. Granted Ferrari’s car is not the most competitive out there, despite what Fernando Alonso is doing with it, but Kimi is obviously struggling beyond just car. Is it a case of too much, too soon or even too late? Formula 1 did change during Kimi’s absence, and then changed again with the new cars, tyres and rules. All these changes while all you want to do is drive and race. And finish that unfinished business. Speaking of that, it seems Kimi is about to, well, finish that unfinished thing of his, according to stories floating around Formula 1. Those stories say Kimi will retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2015. Presumably with the unfinished business well and truly finished.

But what will Kimi do then? What’s next for Kiminen? Of course we not only want to know, we must know! As soon as stories about Kimi’s alleged retirement surfaced, motor sport fans started guessing and crafting theories. There are apparently two major options available to Kimi, even though there are probably few more, or less, depending on the level of “meh, I cannot be bothered” or “hey, I haven’t tried this one before” in Raikkonen’s planning. He could join World RallyCross Championship, because it’s fun and competitive and popular and awesome, AND he reportedly said he’d like to try it (or was it the Global RallyCross Championship… hmm). He could also return to WRC because that sport is, as we all know, World RX times 10. And that was it until Citroën Racing boss Yves Matton dropped his tweet bomb “offering” Kimi a choice of DS3 WRC or C-Elysee WTCC.

So what should he do? Return to WRC and form a team of ultimate destruction with another driver whose name I will not mention because it goes against my beliefs? Definitely he should do exactly that and maybe, or even quite possibly, we would see a different Kimi on the stages this time around. Kimi who is not worried about his unfinished business in F1. Kimi who can focus on pace notes and instructions given by his extremely experienced co-driver Kaj Lindstrom. Because focused Kimi would be a very fast Kimi and we know what Fast Finns do on special stages. They rock! (and then they roll, but you did not hear this from me!)

Whatever he decides to do, I hope it will be a very popular, TV covered, global (not GRC global, though, sorry!) and competitive sport because I am one of the people still waiting to see what Kimi has to say out on the tracks or stages. He’s not done yet, I am sure. I hope.

Now for some tweets. Pay close attention to one offer from a very famous co-driver. Kimi, the WRC family is waiting for you and we’ve already forgotten all about the broken cookie jars and rolled cars. What rolled cars?