Video: Love rally, but don’t be stupid about it!

There is really, and I mean REALLY REALLY, no need to comment this. In case someone needs help understanding the point, he or she should, for time being, stay away from special stages or motor sports in general. Please.

As far as I can tell, nobody was hurt in this accident, which happened in Italy at the Rally Valle d’Aosta. Even the so called spectators (sorry!) made it out alive. Yes, yes, even the very slow moving girl managed to escape certain and horrible death (her view of the car was obscured/obstructed by the people sitting next to her, so by the time she saw flying and rolling Clio it was almost too late. Come to think of it, she did well to even move, I think I’d just be frozen). YOU DON’T BLOODY SIT AT THE EDGE OF THE ROAD ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE FLAT OUT CORNER. You just don’t. Otherwise this, or worse.