WRC promotion 2015: Exciting promo films announced!

Finally, some very good news. After much doom and gloom and some not very clever ideas about the future of the World Rally Championship, it seems time has come for brighter tones and positive thinking. In order to boost the popularity of world’s most elite rallying series, promoters announced a bold new project, aimed not only at existing fans but also at those who did not have a proper introduction to the sport. Reportedly, this project will involve all currently active teams and drivers, although it is not yet clear in which capacity. The best thing about the project is the fact that 30 to 60 minute documentary-promotion video features will be presented to target WRC TV audience and markets, both via TV and Internet, for free. The promoters also emphasized the fact that features will be available on mainstream TV channels, meaning on most markets these promo materials will not be hidden behind pay-per-view walls.

The main ideas behind this project are based on joining the existing line-up of drivers and cars in an entertaining format, explaining the main aspects of the sport in general and in detail, over several episodes. Reports suggest drivers and teams will take part in carefully produced (yet obviously staged) activities, mimicking real rally events, such as recce, service breaks, car testing, tactic & strategy meetings, etc. Team engineers and drivers will also present the cars, both road going and rally versions, explaining main differences and especially emphasizing the importance of motor sport developed technologies making their way into everyday motoring. Maybe the most interesting part, for some spectators, might be the feature explaining some of the driving secrets and techniques, with respected WRC experts revealing main differences in driving style between drivers. Of course, co-drivers will also be featured, as some of the biggest pacenote-yelling names already lined-up for this important task of explaining who the real heroes of rallying are. Red Bull Media House and their partners are working on finalizing the list of locations and production is scheduled to start soon.

We understand that these feature videos will be shown in prime time, on most markets, depending on the contracts with various TV networks. Promoters say the project is funded by series’ investors as well as teams, through an innovative scheme of investment-for-profit or increased ROI.

Or maybe I just need a nice cup of coffee and none of this ever happened.