The so-called HATE-OGIER rule survives FIA vote

Of course, I am trying to make a silly joke here. Of course this new starting order rule is not aimed at Sebastien Ogier personally, because only by accident did he win two titles in a row. Anybody else could have done the same as Sebastien, but he had all the luck in the world. So, I do hope we now agree that this new rule is not aimed at Sebastien Ogier. In fact, we don’t exactly know why this new rule is even being introduced next year, because FIA’s official confirmation state no reasons. Maybe it is something technical, to help with timing or helicopters? Or could it be about trying to slow the fastest driver down, so that others have a chance to catch up and maybe win something. Because, as we all know, Ogier only won his two titles because of the favourable starting order rules. He is not even that good as a driver. Average at best. And he’ll win nothing in 2015 because he will be permanently pissed off. If he somehow manages to win something, the stewards will promptly react, stripping Ogier and Julien Ingrassia of trophies, points and at least 20.000 € for trying to be smartasses.

And so, shootout abomination died peacefully not long ago but second half of “2015 WRC Promoter Action Plan Which Cannot Fail” survived. Whoever is leading the championship will now be forced to wipe the dust of the stages for two days instead of just one. Ogier is already on the phone with some drivers, trying to negotiate a Rally2 deal with them – the reason is simple, Rally2 return drivers will be first on stages, so Ogier may be able to secure some permanent stage wiping service from some drivers. There’s plenty of time! That, or simply make sure he does not win on first two events, one of which should favour Scandinavian drivers anyway, but I fail to see how that makes any damn sense.

Official FIA release follows below. ELI5 explanation/disclaimer: I hate new starting order rule.

WRC starting order and rally format from 2015 announced

Following a vote by the members of the World Motor Sport Council, the FIA can confirm the start order and format of rallies from 2015.

The running order for FIA World Rally Championship events will be in Championship order for Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, P1 and P2 crews will run in reverse classification order. P1 and P2 drivers who have retired will restart the subsequent day/s at the front of this group.

From next season, rallies will continue to be organised over two and half days, from Friday to Sunday, with a minimum of 300 kilometres of special stages. A ceremonial start or super special stage can be organised on Thursday. Organisers will also be encouraged to ensure their event has unique qualities, new and longer stages to help create closer competition and fresh opportunities for the media.