Video: Škoda Fabia R5 – see if you can see it

I know Škoda is actually a prepackaged Volkswagen, with design and mechanical bits strictly controlled by uberbosses in Wolfsburg, but for me, the brand still lives as a separate entity, or at least I like to think it does. Maybe that makes me ideal customer for Škoda, I don’t know. I am aware, but I also refuse the reality and replace it with some notion of independence. Ah well.
In case you have absolutely no idea what I am blabbering about, worry not. I was merely trying to get to the point, and the point is, I still consider Škoda to be a rally brand, much more than Volkswagen. Despite the fact that latter claimed two consecutive World Champion titles. Škoda is rallying, well, since the dawn of the cars era, and whether they’re part of a bigger group now makes no difference. Well, it does, because increased sales from Škoda cars will end up in Volkswagen’s pockets, but I don’t want to go into such details. Not now and not here, here I just want to feel good about Škoda working hard on their Fabia R5.

They’re not ready to reveal it just yet, but soon. In the meantime, there’s another teaser video below.