Volkswagen celebrates 2014 titles in smoke

WRC titles take huge amount of effort, from drivers, co-drivers, mechanics, team officials to engineers, designers and finally workers in charge of production. So, naturally, when team wins both titles two years in a row, they want to celebrate it in style. Not by throwing a formal party with boring speakers and dull atmosphere, but something a bit more creative. Or at least a bit more loud. And smoky. I love. Short sentences.

As you can imagine, Volkswagen Motorsport’s celebration took place in team’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was a genuine motor sports party, with Polo R WRC being tossed around like a very expensive party toy by team’s official WRC drivers. Lots of smiles, clouds of smoke and a whole lot of corporate camaraderie. Of course, Volkswagen’s celebration did not only include VW employees – it was a public thing and fans appreciated it. Who wouldn’t?

Before you switch to video below, a word of caution. This video is the equivalent of bad, no wait, shitty HDR, which we see too often in photography these days. This is what happens when you faceroll over your keyboard shortcuts while editing footage on your computer. If you were not suffering from some illness which makes you hypersensitive to flashing images, you may be able to watch this from start to finish. As for the rest of you guys, just don’t press play.