Opel Adam “shocked the strong competition” this year, they say

Remember how I said, or rather lied, about Opel’s plans to unveil a very elaborate motor sports programme not too long ago? They did not do that just yet, according to their website, but there is still time, and besides, they are continuing on the same path with ADAC Opel Rallye Cup in 2015. They still owe us more details about the so called “stages” in their programme, but for now it seems they’re still relying on Adam, while hopefully working on Corsa in the background.

This is what Opel announced back in November 2012:

Opel’s strategy has been devised to last initially until 2016. After that a modular development program has been envisaged where talented rally drivers can graduate from the “ADAC Opel Rally Cup” to an international level. In the first two of four stages, the ADAM will be employed. In stages three and four the next generation Opel Corsa is expected to be the rally vehicle.

Until they’re ready to share more details about the next stage of their programme, they wanted to let us know how happy they were with Adam’s rallying adventures so far. This is what press release below is all about. I may be shooting blanks, but perhaps Opel’s planning is/was connected to upcoming changes in technical rules. With more stability promised by the FIA maybe Opel is/will be more encouraged in their apparent efforts to harness the power of rallying as a marketing and promotion tool.

The Opel ADAM R2 – Extremely Successful

The Opel ADAM R2 has shaken up the European rallye circuit and shocked the strong competition in the first year of its international registration (homologation). In 39 starts, the pilots of the ADAM R2 with 190 hp celebrated 28 class or division wins and four national championships.

The ADAM R2s of Opel Motorsport Team France hit it big in the French Rallye Championship last weekend. Yoann Bonato outpaced 42 opponents at the season finale, the Rallye du Var, in the south of France, celebrated his fourth win of the season and cruised to the title in the R2 category. Furthermore, Charlotte Berton recorded her fifth individual success of the season and won the French Women’s Rallye Championship.

Opel factory driver Marijan Griebel won six out of eight national championship races in the German Rallye Championship and the ADAC Masters and celebrated the Division 5 title before the last race of the season. In addition, Griebel won the R2 Category of the ADAC Rallye Germany, one of the races belonging to the World Rallye Championship.

In the Spanish Rallye Championship Esteban Vallin from Red Opel Motorsport Team Spain was in dominant form. Eight class wins gave him the R2 championship title. He was also runner-up in Division 2 for front-wheel drive vehicles and finished fourth in the overall rankings.

“Change your mind has also had an impact on the European rallye circuit. Our ADAM R2 has immediately established itself as a modern, fast and reliable rallye car. 28 wins in 39 starts speak for themselves. Championships in Germany, France and Spain along with impressive displays at World and European Championship level have not gone unnoticed. We are obviously delighted with the numerous purchase enquiries from all over Europe because they also show that the ADAM R2 is extremely successful.”