These Loeb videos will make your day

There is something about Sebastien Loeb, something hard to describe, that makes you think of him as a supernatural being or a creature from another galaxy – perhaps it has something to do with nine titles he’s won, or maybe it’s about him being fast and competitive in so many different disciplines. Even though World Rally Championship drivers are not exactly known to be so omnipresent like their Formula 1 colleagues and they (rally drivers) keep a lower profile, Loeb was always one step ahead in keeping to himself, not ignoring the fans and media, but also not exactly screaming for attention either. Man was just so serious about his job, I guess. Perhaps it’s the seriousness that helped him achieve so much in WRC, I am not really qualified to judge, but if you’re doing something on a global scale level, it certainly helps to be serious about it.

That’s one Sebastien, and then there is another Sebastien. Away from cameras, fans and stages I am sure he is a different guy. I’m not saying he goes completely out of character, because I don’t think you can really change who you really are in order to be successful as a driver and a motor sport celebrity. I think he just is more relaxed when not doing the serious stuff, as opposed to some other drivers and their constant aura of being laid back and carefree, whether they’re competing of catching some sun on the beach. If anything, I reckon Loeb is a very creative and energetic guy and something tells me you don’t want him making up pranks against you. Something about such people gives them unnatural ability to come up with silliest of pranks. On top of all that, he is still a heck of a driver, perfectly capable of competing at the highest level – something he will, hopefully, prove in less than two weeks in Monte Carlo.

Why the lengthy intro? Well, I watched the videos below and just kept smiling like a person that consumed too much alcohol, even though I haven’t touched any of that. The second video, in which fans gather around and push Loeb’s DS3 WRC out of the snow and back to tarmac is just so heartwarming, it’s just too damn symbolic in so many ways. There is this guy, a hero to so many fans around the world, being pushed in his state-of-the-art chariot by ordinary folk, mere mortals, fans who will keep this memory with them forever. And then Seb climbs out and acknowledges their support and help, and it’s just so damn beautiful. Add the always cheerful Dani Elena to the mix and… it’s just perfect. This footage should be used in future “what is rallying?” features and films, because, among many other things, this also is rallying, in it’s purest form. To so many fans, being able to help the stricken cars and crews is sacred, and what’s more sacred than being able to help a nine times world champion.

Now, if only someone could persuade Loeb to come back to rallying for a season or two.