Livery, we have another car livery, guys! It’s Kubica’s!

Anything that uses gray and orange, or at least orange, immediately gets 6 out of 10 points in my eyes. Even though I really enjoy other colour combinations, something about orange, gray, maybe a hint of red or a touch of black gets me every time. You could literally sell me anything, if it’s wrapped in something that consists of the colours I just mentioned. Try and you’ll see. So, with that in mind, and seeing how I still consider myself to be a True Robert Kubica fan, I am happy to declare that RK’s car is going to look pretty good this year. EVEN IF HE MAKES A MISTAKE OR TWO AND PUT A DENT OR FIVE IN FIESTA’S BODY, IT’LL STILL LOOK GOOD YOU KNOW.

Honestly, I have no idea if this picture is real or not, but it popped up this evening on Robert’s Facebook page, so it seems it could actually be genuine. We can see Kubica did not switch cars, so it’s going to be Ford Fiesta RS WRC in 2015, but we knew that already. What is new are the colours – black, gray, red and white, framing the Lotos logo decals. Do I like this design? Well, it’s not the world’s most beautiful or stunning car livery design, but since it’s on Kubica’s car, I love it. The sole thin line going from door handle towards rear wheel arch is a bit odd, but I may be missing the big(ger) picture here.

There is only one reason why I am talking this much about some colours on a rally car – I think I already said a whole damn lot about anything else concerning this car’s driver. I reckon you already know what my thoughts and wishes are. I am glad Robert remained in WRC and I am looking forward to another year of him growing as a rally driver. And that’s all there is to it.