And finally, here she is, Her Champion Majesty, the Polo R WRC

After few delays, reportedly caused by Jost Capito being put on hold during phone conversation with Jean Todt about shoot-outs, Volkswagen finally unveiled their colours for the new season of WRC. For once, I’ll let picture speak for itself. It’s a stunner and if liveries are any indication, and I know they hardly are, we’re in for a fantastic season.

I’ll post more pics once they emerge.

I wonder if Volkswagen and M-Sport coordinated the design of 2015 liveries somehow. Like one of them decided to switch designs and had to make that phone call. “You know, we were just thinking, would it be possible to use white fronts on our cars this year? What? Say again. Of course you can use dark front, yes, no problem. So, that’s a deal then? Fantastic.”