Video: Gorgeous R-GTs at the 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo

The regular WRC competition is the main course and R-GT Cup is a sweet sweet dessert. Three Porsche 911s provided a very welcome addition to the usual fleet of WRC cars in all categories – nobody could resist smiling once these three roaring beasts came into sight. The looks alone is enough to feel all warm inside but then the sound hits you and you’re hooked, in love with everything these three 911s stand for. It’s the sideways action from start to finish, mastering the black ice, white snow and endless supply of hairpins. The idea of allowing R-GT cars to not only take part in WRC events but to actually compete in a separate cup is really one of the best in recent WRC history, but FIA must do their part and approve gravel specifications while also doing more to promote the cup and get more competitors onboard.

Just look at those wonderful beasts. Here’s to more of them, in every possible way.