Katka went to Monte or this is what Monte will do to you

photo: Katka Durecova

You simply cannot really know what this event feels like until you’ve actually been to one Rallye Monte Carlo in person. The atmosphere, locations, people, ambitions of all the teams and drivers, it’s very difficult to put to words and have it feel the same or adequate. Even if all you came for are drivers and teams and rallying, it’s impossible to avoid being engulfed by the awesomeness of the mountains, tiny villages, thousands of fans braving sometimes harsh weather. Then there’s that 1%s paradise that is Monte Carlo itself, in which even having a cup of coffee is enough to make you feel like you belong there and are “one of them”. The fact that this event is also first in the calendar also speaks in its favour – everyone is very eager and ambitious, there is very little calculating at this stage. Or, well, scratch that, we’ve seen enough calculating to fill a bucket with on the stages, but still. Add to all this the long journeys to the location of the rally HQ or the stages, meeting the crews and teams at service parks, and you will end up with a pretty awesome adventure called “I’ve been to Monte and now I want to turn it into a tradition”.

WRC fans on Twitter know Katka aka sackrebleu. Her trip to Monte Carlo ended up in a report she spent long time putting together. She is also an author of the images posted in that article, which I think deserves a separate story. Excellent photographs, but again, we already knew Katka is very skilled when it comes to cameras and WRC cars and drivers. Many photographers shoot nothing but expensive snapshots while many fans create really catchy photographs.

Grab a cuppa and cookies and click here to read Katka’s Rallye Monte Carlo report. When you’re done, you will decide that 2016 Monte is on your to do list, you’ll see.