It’s all white at the moment, just the way we want it

This wait seems so long, doesn’t it? Even though only few weeks have passed since Monte Carlo, it feels like much longer, but that’s quite normal – once the season gets underway you just cannot help craving for just another special stage. In that regard, WRC fans are like Labrador Retrievers – you cannot feed them, you can only get their hunger briefly under control. Luckily, our season ends in October and starts in January so instead of gorging on politics and made up news, typical to Some Other Racing Series, we have rallies and actual competition to keep us warm during long winter months. The new season started in Monte and I hope you’ll agree that we could not have asked for a better start. It was bitter and sweet, but rallying always is – the important thing is both extremes are full flavour, no gimmicks or artificial aromas, just raw emotion. After mixed conditions in Monte we are now heading to Sweden, hoping that this year we won’t see any of those too-mixed conditions there. Of course, I am happy when it gets rough and challenging, but we only have one snow event in the calendar – let’s have it on snow then.

For now, the situation is good, according to many sources in Sweden. Countless videos and photos from pre event test sessions reveal plenty of snow and ice. Now I did not check forecasts for the next few days, but hopefully nature will cooperate with us. We won’t even be extra demanding or anything – a cosy -10°C and maybe some fresh snow should do. We want it snowy and icy because this is essential to WRC – drivers are being tested on tarmac and gravel but also ice and snow. We want to see how road positions will play out in Sweden. Translated, we want to hear Sebastien Ogier compl… comment on this particular topic, which I am sure he will, especially if conditions remain stable and thus not so favourable to front runners.

In the meantime, this is what Sebastien Ogier did few days ago. Today crews completed one part of recce but few days ago it was all about speed and car setups. Can Ogier beat the road position handicap in Sweden?