It’s all white at the moment, just the way we want it

  • Marko S.

    Impressive speed for a snow test!
    Cutting snow banks proved efficient in MC, hope he does the same trick in Sweden!

    • Stefan Walker

      it wont matter in Sweden, everyone will be on studs and doing the same thing haha!

      • Marko S.

        Are you sure it doesn’t matter? Loose snow vs hardened one?

  • Jason Anthony

    I wonder if the road position will really play a role. Perhaps the following cars will see the tracks of the leader to provide some advantage, but with studs, I don’t think that there will be any real road-sweeping issues.

    • wrblog

      It looks like no fresh snowfall during weekend, so perhaps you’re right concerning the road positions not being influenced by the road condition. The next question: is there enough snow on the road in the first place?

      Road positions can and will be used as a great excuse, though. Too slow on the stage, blame the road position among other things! :)

  • Rico

    Yep a lot of talk about road sweeping! But many seems to forget how good Mr Loeb where at it (an still is i guess :) And the same has to be said about Mr Ogier. Running first on the road isn’t a big issue for these guys. BUT if it’s a lot of fresh snow and I mean A LOT :) then Ogier might loose up to say 40 sec in a stage?!!…

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