Video: Getting ready for Ireland and Austria

Circuit of Ireland Rally means tight and twisty tarmac roads and it also means speed and maximum concentration, because there is very little room for error. Or rather, let’s play it safe and say there is no room for error. You will want to come prepared. Of course, not many roads in the world are equal or even similar to those narrow paths they call roads in Ireland, but basically, any tarmac will do – any testing is better than no testing at all.

Slovenian rally crew Rok Turk – Blanka Kacin recently tested their Peugeot 208 R2 in Croatia. The testing took place near Buzet in Istria, which means slippery, narrow tarmac roads with plenty of cuts and rocks – not your typical Irish setting, but nonetheless team collected useful data in this session. In fact, session went so well that driver Rok decided to give his co-driver a few hours off. I mentioned speed and maximum concentration being important for Irish stages – well, they’re equally important in air racing, according to Rok’s temporary co-driver stand-in, Peter Podlunšek, Red Bull Air Race regular pilot.

For someone used to high speeds and G forces, Peter did not look too upset with Rok’s driving – thumbs up and “ace experience” were his main comments after the run, although he did express concern over the amount of work road maintenance crews will have to put in to clear all the gravel from the road.

Slovenian OPV Šport also runs another Peugeot 208 R2, driven by Croatian crew Viliam Prodan – Zdravko Draženović. This crew tested their car in Buzet as well, preparing for 1st round of 2015 Mitropa Cup rally series, starting with Rebenland Rallye in Austria this very weekend.

Best of luck to both teams, WRB will keep an eye on you.