Is Rally Argentina Too Tough, or the WRC Too Soft?

Sébastien Ogier (F), Julien Ingrassia (F) Volkswagen Polo R WRC (2015) WRC Rally Argentina 2015
  • Stefan Walker

    Great article man, a driver like Nasser would have been very very good in this even with his Dakar experience. The Citroen’s seem very tough bar the engine issues that Ostberg had, although the Citroen’s were always tough. Coupled with the amount of drivers that lost there power steering… the mechanics will be earning that pay cheque for sure!

    • Rico

      Even if Meeke wasn’t willing to make it a big deal his car stopped aswell with the same “cut engine” problems as Östberg had on all rallies so far this season except Monte Carlo! And don’t forget the handbrake issue that Meeke had in Argentina. Östberg had problems with…the handbrake ( locking ALL wheels from time to time) in Rally Swe! So maybe WRB has come on to something when saying that the cars are setup for top performance rather than durability/endurance? Maybe this Citroen problem is just what happens when they try to catch the Volkswagen Polo’s? But in my opinion they ( Citroen) seriously need to look at these “issues” sooner rather than later.

  • Nick Alterskye

    I just think that VW had a dodgy batch of engine parts, and some drivers had brainfade. The younger guys just aren’t used to Safari-like stages and haven’t adapted well – Mikkelsen, Tanak, Neuville, Paddon. Which makes Elfyn Evans’ result all the more brilliant … measured, calm and consistent.

  • Nick Alterskye

    But i do love having the variety of marathon stages in an event like Argentina. Sorts the men out from the boys etc. WRC needs more variety … not the same clover-leaf legs which every European event follows.

  • Jan-Michael

    Keep in mind, WRC events used to have a service after every stage. Certainly more reasonable to have endurance-type events if the team can work on the car that frequently.

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