Big chunk of 2016 WRC calendar revealed

  • Dagge

    Kenya that would be awesome, but are they gonna afford it? Reason they removed Kenya was because the rally was too rough so they had to build special WRC cars for that one event. I think it would be no big loss if France went away from the calendar, they already have the Monte Carlo rally wich takes places in France, always wondered why It´s called Monte Carlo rally when that tiny state is way too small to have stages. I would really like to see more non European rallies, the current trend with only 3 rallies outside of Europe is ridiculous. If they can´t bring back Kenya have it located anywhere else in Africa and why not a rally in Asia? Maybe China?

  • Jason Anthony

    I’m fairly certain that Australia’s contract is up at the end of this season, so I am thinking that one of those “new” rallies might be Rally New Zealand. It won’t be a new rally, but one that I can’t wait to see back on the WRC calendar!

  • Alex Langheck

    Rally NZ is a must. The best roads in the world; Australia js just another gravel event – and we have too many gravel events. I’d also drop Poland, get rid of Sardinia and replace with Sanremo.
    Surely Japan is worth looking at? I know they keep mentioning US, but as already stated; Americans aren’t interested in little shopping trolleys.
    Has the talk on Brazil, India, Russia gone quiet? Is there really a big fan base for the WRC there?

    • wrblog

      Some countries are definitely on the list, as per promoter’s statement, but which ones we don’t know yet. In all honesty, it’s a bit shady and not entirely clear why did they publish this semi-baked list, without even mentioning other countries and venues. As always, patience is our best friend, I guess.

  • Jason Anthony

    Personally, I think that Poland should be replaced by a round in the Czech Republic. It would be serving the same region, and I would love to see the WRC boys give those roads a go!

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