Don’t hate the wait, enjoy the show

2015 Portugal Rallye copyright: Hyundai Motorsport

Long breaks are long, too long in fact, but on the other hand, the world of rallying is big and busy enough, so even these long breaks between WRC events are not so difficult to survive. Actually, I am not entirely sure I would like to see rallies stacked too close together, with one or two weeks separating them. Change of pace is good, in my opinion, and it’s best to have both longer and shorter breaks between rallies. National and regional events can easily provide enough excitement for fans, and if you add some circuit racing or rallycross it’s actually not so bad. Longer breaks also provide more room for development and now that we have WRC+ services it’s easier to reach out and get a daily or weekly dose of WRC either through some onboards or WRC Live replays or podcasts. All I’m saying is, I always hated those breaks, but if you think about it, they’re no big deal. Heck, our season ends in November or even December and the new one begins in January, there is really little to complain.

On the other hand, calendar could support at least one more event, that should be on the menu for teams and promoters in the coming seasons. Pushing too many events too soon could backfire, but do it at a steady pace and introduce only as much as sport can support and handle, and WRC will benefit. So, one more event, eh?

Oh, one other thing. You know what else helps going through those long days and weeks without WRC events? Games! And in case you didn’t know, there is a game out there that will make you forget about your appointments, job, promises… its name is DiRT Rally and it’s freaking awesome. Expect a review, soon (TM)!

In the meantime, Rally Portugal is up and running, tyres are bursting and rocks are flying. Enjoy the show!