I quite enjoyed this little piece of drama

Sébastien Ogier (F) WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2015
  • Jason Anthony

    I have to be honest, with the context of what was said yesterday morning, I was watching SS1 with a bit more interest than the typical city super-special. I don’t know if the Meeke vs. Ogier super-special match-up was planned before or after the comments made in the morning, but it certainly added a bit of spice to the evening! In general, rally drivers tend to be much more down to earth and less egotistical than some of their circuit racing colleagues. Some might accuse them (wrongly) of being a bit vanilla. However, I think you are right… drama in small amounts is perfect for the WRC at this point in time.

    The one thing I wonder about is what made Kris feel like he needed to speak up? I don’t disagree with him, but making comments like that does put plenty of attention on oneself and can cause quite a bit of distraction. Going off on the first stage of the day certainly doesn’t help either. Even though his comments and his off have nothing to do with each other, there will be those in the press who will try to stir up some controversy, and that is not a helpful thing for a driver trying to focus on the championship.

    Fair play to Kris for speaking his mind and standing up for what he believes, but I wonder if his comments were just inviting trouble down the road.

  • m s

    Hat off to Ogier for speaking his mind, again. No hypocrisy, no diplomacy, just pure truth and raw feelings. His results allow him to say what ever he feels like, specially at the stage end.
    Meeke: “We had many World Champions over the years…..” O’rly?! How many of those were facing two days of running first on the road for the whole season?
    Mr. Meeke trying to collect as much sympathy as possible, since he can’t get the results. As you can see I don’t think much of his victory – you know the saying: throw enough shit at the wall, eventually some will stick.

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