Allow Seb Ogier to brighten up your Sunday

photo credits: Andrea Kaiser

As you probably know by know, I am a fan of Sebastien Ogier and what (and how) he does in the World Rally Championship. Maybe he’s not the world’s most likable character and maybe some of his behaviour comes of a bit too French, but when he’s behind the wheel, he is the best. At least in the current line-up of drivers, because yes, that’s how motor sports work. But let’s put all this aside for a moment and enjoy this photo for what it is, a great catch of a great moment, further emphasized by the fact that we have our reigning Champion holding the reins. This photo alone could become a meme instantly and you can extract so many puns out of it, it’s ridiculous.

I assume it was Seb’s wife, Andrea Keiser, who took the shot so well done Andrea. Also, don’t forget about the promise – next time we want to see that carrot on a stick. Also make sure Seb earns his time with the horse by doing all the pre- and post ride “maintenance” for the big guy.