Dirt Rally: A Review From A Rally Perspective

  • hutch

    I agree completely with everything said here, especially the atmosphere. Even the WRC games of lately have incorporated a service area that gives it a bit more feel. The best IMO is RBR because it showed a genuine map of the event and stages and showed the road sections being travelled while loading. Although this would be impossible to do due to the stages all using the same stretch of road, I believe something better could be done.

    I also find its too easy to power the car over the line at what ever angle knowing that you wont cause any damage to the car. The event doesnt finish at the finish line at least let us slow the car down and stop at the stop line marshals.

    But still the games fantastic!

  • Jason Anthony

    Hutch, I agree. Letting the player control the car up to the stop control would be something easy to implement that would help add to the atmosphere.

    • AdrianJSClark

      Yes! It breaks the illusion when, especially in certain stages in Germany, you arrive at the Flying Finish at the top of 5th gear and see the Stop control what appears to be 50m away. My first thought is “I’d never be stopping in time for that!”.
      Other cars on the stages and controlling to stop control would be two awesome enhancements.

  • RobGT81

    Good review, pretty much my opinions on it. It’s probably one of the best early access games I’ve played too, plus content seems to come along at a steady rate. Pikes peak was a nice treat! Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

  • Jason Anthony

    Just added a piece about damage just after the co-driver section. Sorry about this omission when I first posted the article… only realized it when I was reflecting on some of the comments and feedback on Twitter.

  • Jason Taylor

    Great job. Finally a proper perspective. Keep these reviews coming. As an avid Colin McRae Rally player I agree it is time for a resurgence. I am tired of pretending on fh2 :)

  • wrblog

    Very much agree, with special attention to damage. Being stuck in one gear must happen, also punctures should be a way of life and something we should anticipate could happen (according to WRC drivers, tyres simply pop on them, in 99% to 105% of cases they never ever hit anything, honest). Damage model is nice already but could use tuning or expanding.

    • Jason Anthony

      Tom, you’re right, punctures can often times happen quite randomly. I would like to see a little bit of this in the game, not too often because it would get very frustrating, but once in awhile, it would add a lot to the experience. Also, I would like to see punctures as a punishment for being untidy with the car and hanging the rear out over the sharp rocks at the edge of the road.

      As for damage, even when I crash my car quite hard, it is still too easy to drive. I never get the feeling that I am “limping” the car home to the end of the stage. I have yet to remove a wheel, break a damper, or toe out the steering and have to drag the car to the finish. I’m not sure I want to see RBR style damage where one impact stops the car dead, but something between RBR and what we have right now in DIRT would be nice.

  • matthias sweertvaegher

    EXCELLENT review. posted it on twitter :)

    • Jason Anthony

      Thanks Matthias! Much appreciated!

  • TrueColours

    Still early days as it’s in early access and not the finished game. It is moving in the right direction. CM have been taking feedback and addressing; they massively improved the force feed-back but it’s (FFB) based around the community critique. It’ still not the finished article yet but it’s took a massive step in the right direction. What you point out with regards to ‘competing in rally, feeling’ you should pass onto CM…

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