The WRC’s budget issues, what are they?

  • Alex Langheck

    Here’s an interesting question. How many of the current WRC events have a proper commercial sponsor?? That should tell you about budgets, and how well the sport is doing.
    It’s reported/ rumoured that RallyGB is under threat. Well, that is one event without a proper commercial sponsor – and hasn’t had one since 2002, the last year of the Network Q sponsorship. Since then, the regional assembly of Wales have backed it; which, while welcome, limits were the event can go.

    And, with that, the iconic old ‘RAC’ has become another ‘identikit’ WRC event. No longer a ‘classic’ event. It might be sad if it was dropped, but it’s not a total disaster. Sad to say, the event is in a media vacuum; it receives virtually no coverage, as the old ‘RAC’ did.
    F1, BTCC and WEC are far more popular than the WRC in the UK; just look on any Motorsport website forum.

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