Mikko Hirvonen spotted driving a Toyota

People say it’s him, but do we really know for sure? Yes, I’ve seen the photos and heard all the stories, but they can all be fabricated, shopped, made up or planted by saboteurs. Mikko Hirvonen is supposed to be in a deep retirement, not a care in the world, thinking about bees and clouds and all that free time on his hands. Some will say he is actually quite busy, they’ll even have you believe he is preparing for things like Dakar Rally and whatnot, but can we really expect such feats from an old guy like Mikko. At his age, there is no way he is able to control any kind of car anymore. One Finnish tabloid recently published a story, citing sources who claimed to have seen Mikko pretending to drive a rally car in a special stage, while in fact he was pushing a shopping cart around the isles, slowly. They say he made all the right moves and produced all the right sounds, but the speed just wasn’t there. Probably because he did not have anyone to call the pacenotes for him. Poor old guy.

So next time you hear Mikko Hirvonen was spotted driving a modern WRC car, you’ll know what to do. And don’t let them try to convince you he was even doing handbrake turns or used throttle to slide around tarmac corners. You’ll know better than that.

P.S. Mikko, will you please come back to WRC?