Rally Cyprus: Then and Now

  • Revenger210

    Call me a romantic, but I like the old Cyprus better – I like endurance events better, and for me these endurance car-breaking rallies were what made WRC for me – today, almost every rally feels like Finland, they all go flat out far more frequently, which in the end also compromises Finland, which was known as the grand prix of rallying – today, it doesn’t feel quite so, seeing as most other rallies are nearly as fast as Finland.

    o/topic, but here’s my mandatory “Bring back Acropolis and Safari in the WRC” comment XD Cyprus was like an ideal combination of those two events

    • Jason Anthony

      Great point about the speed, the fast rallies lose their novelty when every rally is flat out. Also, flat out in an R5 car hitting the rev-limiter at around 120mph for a long stretch of road isn’t particularly spectacular… at least not as much as the old WRC cars, Group A, or even F2000. I’d rather see the cars dancing from corner to corner with braking, acceleration, and weight transfer instead of flat out.

      Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for the fast and flowing stuff, but not on every rally. Variety is the spice of life!

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