Volkswagen’s future is safe from TDI poisoning

Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR), Ola Fløene (NOR) Volkswagen Polo R WRC (2015) WRC Rally France - Corsica 2015

In case you’ve missed it, here it is: according to Volkswagen Motorsports team boss Jost Capito, team’s future is safe and is not going to be influenced by whatever comes out of the latest automotive industry scandal, also known as “VWe didn’t know, honest, but we sure are going to investigate ourselves now, because it’s horrible that we have no idea what we’re doing in the first place; tis complex”. Or you can call it #dieselgate.

Capito says team’s future is secure for years to come and by the sound of it, Volkswagen Motorsport will not settle for mere three consecutive titles, in both categories. They say they want more and let’s hope and pray they’re right. Here I am not doubting their desire, just wondering how they can be so sure. Does Mr Capito does have the authority to give 100% guarantees? I guess he can do it based on what information he has. This whole (or)deal is not over yet, far from it, and nobody can tell what the real consequences will be, but since they, and by they I mean VW board, did not cancel all motor sports immediately, I’ll take it as a good sign. Volkswagen needs good things now, and winning titles in motor sports against big rivals is a good way to good PR.

Now if only Citroën would stop being what they currently are and start doing what is right. They’re not winning races against market rivals in WTCC, they’re not winning anything there, it’s like shooting fish in a very expensive barrel. And it cannot in any way be compared to Volkswagen’s dominance, because I firmly believe both M-Sport and Citroën have the means to beat Volkswagen or get closer to them, but they lack driver power. Compared to WTCC, WRC is competitive and challenging. And it even has an event in China now.