Works Teams Against Privateers… Is it Sporting?

photo: Jason Anthony
  • wrblog

    Škoda is supporting privateers in much the same manner as M-Sport is supporting them, I believe; by selling them factory built R5 cars. Granted, Fabia R5 is fairly new, but she seems to be as fast as her predecessor, the S2000 car. It is, in my opinion, not Škoda nor Volkswagen’s fault that Ford is playing this odd game of hide-behind-M-Sport. It’s not their (Škoda’s) fault that French R5 cars are as reliable and competitive as current McLarens in Formula 1. For me, if you want to compete at this level, you either bring out the big guns and do it properly or be satisfied with leftovers. Of course, this is not ideal competition-wise, but if the rules allow it, I don’t see a problem. All those manufacturers agreed on R5 rules and worked on them and they’re also welcome to submit their issues with these rules to the FIA. Also, do we automatically discard factory teams in WRC2 just because it’s WRC2? According to the rules – no. It’s not a privateer championship just because it’s not a top class. But should it be? Thanks for bringing this topic up, J!

  • Alex Langheck

    Audi & Porsche compete in the same class, but with completely different technology. That’s why both programmes were signed off. The Skoda R5 is a petrol 1.6T with 4WD, just like the Polo R WRC.

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