Fourteen WRC rounds (sort of) confirmed for 2016

  • Alvin Kato

    Thanks for the heads up. Your posts are ever so reliable. Just as a side note, you have a typo in this statement up there: “Rally Australia will move from its September date in 2014 to end the championship on 18 – 20 November next year. It will be followed by a glamorous and high-profile gala finale to the season in Sydney.”

    Should n’t it be 2016 instead of 2014?

    Otherwise I appreciate the updates, job well done for 2015! On to the next one!

    • wrblog

      Hey, hold on. First up, thanks, but I like to consider my posts as reliable as drivers who aren’t Ogier are, so iffy, at best.

      As for 2014, blame FIA and, I just happily copy-pasted.

      Lastly, we’re not done with 2015 yet, Wales to go.

      • Alvin Kato

        ha ha “As reliable as drivers who are n’t Ogier” You are funny! ha ha

        Well with the championship gone, there is nothing to look forward to in 2015 at least on my part. Am making a return to watching WRC this year after being away for like 10+ years so everything is all new.

        Copy pasting or not, you do a good job so accept the compliments or I’ll forcefully hand you more :)


  • Fully Sideways Rally

    Hey bud… now that they have China** and Australia, wouldn’t it have made since to have them back to back and finish the year off or have soain bore them and finish with Wales to ensure the Welsh event is as treacherous as ever!

  • Enzo Gaming

    So, it’s Australia at the end of the season – when everything is already decided, and probably only a few (if any at all) Privateers will participate. Sounds like this will be the most boring event of the year.

    I really hope France will get its ass up next year and make more of a Rally than this year’s Demoversion of an event.

    But I’m really curious about China. I really don’t know what to expect but will really try to not put up any expectations that might end up disappointing. So all in all, WRC is still an exciting thing for me!

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