The BRC is Back with a Vengeance!

  • wrblog

    I fully agree on the importance on good news such as this, especially in a big and strong car and motor sport market such as the UK. I personally would not say it is the most important national rally championship in the world – ideally, all series should be important and successful because we need variety and we need skilled crews emerging from as many countries as possible. Strong British Rally Championship should, ideally, win back sponsors and investors’ confidence, further boosting sport’s popularity. That, then, should provide a direction and inspiration to other countries and series. Good news!


  • Rally Action WA

    Interesting read. Even all the way over in Australia had heard the BRC was cancelled for 2015 so it is good news that the series will return next year. Similar things have happened to the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) over the last few years. It was in the early 00’s that World Rally Cars were banned as it came down to a two horse race between Toyota and Subaru. The ARC changed to Group N and for a while. It was Subaru, Mitsubishi and Toyota with Ford putting in a cameo appearance. Soon though it was back to a two horse race again between Subaru and Toyota, however modified rules allowed Toyota to run a Corolla Sportivo with GT4 running gear that could really be described as a Group N WRC car. When Subaru withdrew from the ARC the rules were changed to make the ARC a 2WD affair. This was supposed to bring in more manufacturers with G2 and R3 cars. Honda and Renault entered as works outfits with Mazda and VW running in private hands. Despite the hype, the series lost more momentum and all the manufacturers wound up their programs. Now to reinvigorate the championship, 4WD has been reinstated as the top category. Whether there are any works teams on the entry list next year will have to be seen.

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