2016 Hyundai i20 WRC, this is it

  • Revenger210

    idk, I feel it could use some more orange. I liked last year’s design, but this one… Eh, it gets a pass from me

    I do hope it steps us and provides a good challenge to the VWs tho!

  • Aaron Mikk-Kirsme

    You’ve changed Thierry for Kevin as regular driver. :P

    • wrblog

      Thanks for catching that, Aaron. Let’s not push Thierry aside just yet. :)

  • Dagge1

    I really hope this new car reduces the gap between Volkswagen and Hyundai I do not want to see another season with the Volkswagen trio on every single podium.

    • wrblog

      That would be nice, to say the least. But what about Msport? Can they spring a surprise or two? At least one of their drivers should be past the “surprise” part in his career, and be well into “top results” phase by now.

      • Dagge1

        Not likely as M-Sport is a privateer and they do not have the financial muscles as a manufacturer to bring out a good car. Also I do not have much faith in Mads Östberg and Eric Camilli haven´t even won a single round in WRC2

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