Will you do the WRC+ in 2016?

  • mattjelonek

    Funny how everyone complains that the sport we love so much isn’t a as technically advanced and the tech isn’t being used; yet something like WRC+ comes along everyone complains it’s expensive and it’s not worth it. Well, what is it? Why complain on both parts! No one will ever be happy will they? You want WRC+ to get better but people expect it for free or for peanuts! I’m happy paying for the subscription and getting what I get. Later down the track we’ll have a great feature to add to the sport we dearly love and follow! Be happy with what we have now and continue to support the sport that is otherwise stop your subscription and wonder why there isn’t any money in the game. Greedy.

    • mattjelonek

      I’m just surprised people think €4.99 a month is expensive!!! Or the full package at €49. For me the Australia and US Dollar is fine, but are WRC fans not earning any money?! Have faith in your sport.

      • Christijan Marv

        i’m a rally blogger and i was desperately find some money for subscribe it, but so far it doesn’t enough. Fortunately WRC are given a free 1-month, and honestly it was great.1

      • Jamie Ackland

        Agreed.. i Paid for a year, and think i got more than the value.. so many hours of rally highlights, live stages, following the maps.. for a true rally fan, Someone that likes to follows every mins.. Not just wanting to be force feed a bunch of highlights in hour and be done with it.. WRC+ is great Value!

  • Richard Moore

    Wrc + is a start , on event service still not perfect , but will only improve if rally fans invest in it both with there cash and constructive criticism. I’m in bring on 2016

  • Cdnrally

    I just signed up for the first time. I remember paying many years ago for a service on WRC and the streaming sucked! I just hope it runs smoothly and provides lots of content. Its going to be an exciting few years for rally with the new cars, numerous games and new manufactures coming to the sport!

  • Dagge

    I tried one month last year and I thought it was good, however if this is gonna be another year with only one driver winning every round I have little interest in purchasing for a full year.

  • Enzo Gaming

    I extended my membership for another year. I watch all the daily highlights, one or another Live Stage per Rally maybe, and let myself get hypnotized by the Onboards inbetween Rallies. 50€ a year isn’t really a bargain, but if i support this format by paying, it’s ok with me. Also, it’s Ad-free for uninterrupted enjoyment, so i guess these 50€ a year are okay.

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