Could 2016 be The Year of Hyundai?

  • Alvin Kato

    Sounds nice and promising! I am excited! Can’t wait to see what the season brings. Sad though that we have lesser cars in all 14 rounds but oh well at least we have the entire calendar to look forward to! Please keep us posted on any new developments. I love and appreciate what you do!

  • Enzo Gaming

    In my opinion, Hyundai wasn’t that bad in 2015, but i don’t see a way they can beat VW. They’ve got the money and talented(Mikkelsen), experienced(Latvala) and unbeatable(Ogier) drivers, unfortunately(for a healthy competition). But i liked what i saw of Hyundai so far and hope they will fight nontheless. Btw, is Abbring driving, too?

  • Dagge

    Hyundai might move closer to VW but I do not think this will be the year

  • Revenger210

    I sincerely wish Hyundai and Paddon bring up the challenge in 2016 to the VWs, but like Enzo said before me, I highly doubt it; VW has a winning combination, and Ogier is unbeatable. I hope we see them close in much more compared to last year, and that they fight for second place, instead of picking up the leftovers of the VWs.

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