Would you, if you had the car and the cash, or just the car?

Come on, just how happy would you be to be able to take part in one of the most iconic rally events in the world? Not in the current class of top rally cars, but in one of the cars belonging to past eras of the sport. Monte Carlo Rally and its historic edition are right there, at the very top of a list of things many car and rally enthusiasts would love to do at least once. Imagine it, old school rules, huge road sections, adventure of travelling across Europe in your decades old machine, and then tackling the legendary stages, preferably covered in snow and ice. I don’t think anyone would be able to say no to that.

Which car would you pick, if you had the choice? Money not a problem and you can pick whichever machine you want? Would it be a Stratos, maybe one of the 911s, or a BMW? How about some FWD, a Mini or a Golf Mk1? The thing is, there are MANY cars to choose from, even if your budget is not saudi-arabian in size. Maybe it would be possible to do this event and not go broke; in a modest, cheap to get, prepare and run car? Probably, but car is just one part of the story. It would be awesome to do it in any kind of car. Who knows. Maybe one day.

And I already have an idea of a car I’d use: ┼ákoda 110R.

This is a great video, enjoy.