Loeb said no to Toyota, now’s your chance!

Few days ago Autosport revealed that no, Sebastien Loeb will not be driving for Toyota next year. Huge news, I know. Chances for that happening were slim to none, but at some point any relatively young and above average successful rally driver will have to answer to similar questions about their possible affiliation with Finland based Japanese team. Then questions will probably be directed to really young drivers who are relatively successful only to land with very young drivers who managed to finish an event in one piece. Any of those criteria can and will be mixed in many different variations, of course. This carefully prepared procedure will yield a line-up of epic quality, which will only be matched by how superbly fast and utterly competitive Yaris WRC will be, after being developed and tested by two completely independent teams and then hidden away from public eye, because it is so full of win that it must remain secret till the very first event of the 2017 WRC season. Then, two drivers, whose identity will not be revealed until after the Rallye Monte Carlo, will take those two Yaris WinRCs to set a new benchmarks in the series.

If you too have been contacted by Toyota regarding next year, please let us know.

Meanwhile, I still believe they are working hard and everything will be a-OK. You know who would be next on my list of targets? Petter Solberg.