Loeb said no to Toyota, now’s your chance!

  • Jason Anthony

    I’d say that VW needs to drop Latvala for 2017 and get Lappi into the third VW. If they don’t, they’ll lose him to Toyota. There’s talk of Juho Hanninen as one of the drivers for Toyota. To be honest, I think there are more promising drivers out there such as Giordano and Lefebvre. Also, he’s a bit young, but Chris Ingram would be another prospect to keep an eye on.

    As for Petter, my sentimental side would love to see him back in the WRC with Toyota, but I think other younger guys deserve a chance. Petter had his shot to come back in 2012 with Ford, and unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

    • Revenger210

      I agree with the last paragraph – let’s bring in the new blood to see how it fares. I’d love to see Solberg back, but he’s doing find in Rally Cross now.

      As for the first, I think VW is fine with Latvalla – he’s a second driver and that’s what VW and Ogier want. They also have Mikkelsen, who is young and will be promoted to the big team once VW decide to do so. idk who Giordano or Ingram are sadly (though it excites me that an Italian (?) driver sounds promising again. It’s been way too long without a driver from Italy XD )

  • Revenger210

    Toyota’s line up confuses me in its secrecy, but it’ll probably be a good thing – some excitement is bound to come along with its reveal later on.

    What I’d love to see is definitely a flying fin as well as a japanese driver. We haven’t had any from the land of the rising sun in such a long while. It would also be interesting if Toyota took Latvalla as a big prestige driver to carry the team forward, but I think Lat’s fine as he is rn at VW.

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