Do We Need “WRC 1.5?”

  • Alvin Kato

    Another brilliant article once again Jason! I saw the debate online and was left wondering what the consensus will be. Let’s wait and see works for me at the moment ;)

  • Jason Anthony

    Thanks Alvin, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Revenger210

    This is the first time I hear of the WRC 1.5 idea

    Frankly, it sounds unfleshed and frankly a game-breaker, in the means that it would bring teams out of balance, and I do wonder how it could work.

    The way I see it, WRC in 2017 will become “Group B” again, whilst the R5 class is essentially the “Group A” of today. Group S was supposed to be the meeting ground, or the melting pot should we say, of the two groups, the sophistication of Group B with the availability of Group A. IT could be possible that the heads at the FIA and WRC think of WRC 1.5 class as the Group S of our times, but I can’t see it work if both group B and group A run in the championship.

    If anything, WRC 1.5 will make rallies even more predictable as the top teams will remain at the top and lower teams will permanently stick to the bottom of the leaderboards, but still above the R5 class to get points. I fear privateers and teams like M-Sport might switch to this format and thus give them even fewer chances to compete with the top teams due to the rising costs. That would be very sad if it happened.

    I can’t see it work, frankly, but I’d love to see a separate championship dedicated to exploring those middle-ground machines. Maybe they, along with the GT Cup, can be bundled together and be made into spectacle rally machines, and fill a niche? idk, just throwing an idea here at the end.

    • Jason Anthony

      Great points, and I agree with you. What you describe sounds a lot like what we have seen in Formula One over the past few years with HRT, Marussia, and Caterham. Those teams floundered for a few years at the back of the pack before eventually going bankrupt. I’d hate to see that happen in the WRC.

  • Alex Langheck

    Shouldn’t this have been thought about when the new 2017 WRCar formula was discussed? It’s as though they make things up as they go along.

    However, how many 2017 WRCars will we see on the start line in Monte? Surely not enough for a proper WRC entry. So let the current WRCars in but ‘grandfather’ them so they are at least competitive.
    Or, make the new WRCars for factories only, and old WRCars are for Privateers?

    As I said, this should have been sorted out earlier – not 6/7 months before the 2017 Monte.

    • Jason Anthony

      Great point! And if we do see the 2017 cars on the Monte, how reliable are they going to be? Could a 2016 car win outright anyway in one of the first few rallies if they were allowed to run?

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