The Future is Bright Indeed

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  • Alvin Kato

    Congrats to the duo for the win. Meeks’s drive was phenomenal.

    However even though saying this will make me sound like an Ogier worshipping sour grape, I’ll get this load off my chest and say it: “Meeke’s drive was insane, but his victory was an FIA granted ‘charity win’ based off his road position….

    Let the attacks, criticisms and rebuttals begin!

    • Jamie Arkle

      I’m not sure. While I admit that Ogier’s road order woes probably did play a role in the eventual outcome, so did Meeke’s growing confidence behind the wheel, his ability to carry the all important momentum forward (even more impressive when you consider his reduced programme of events) and the raw pace still inherent in the DS3.

      I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out for certain…

      • Alvin Kato

        Thats what am waiting for. Meeke was fast that’s for sure. But let’s see how it goes next year. Knowing that if this rule persists and he starts by winning he’ll be on road sweeping duties and I wonder if he’ll like it :)

    • Dar

      It’s hard to feel any pity for Ogier when he’s still comfortably leading the championship, even with the FIA’s “horrible” stance on road position. He’s shown that he can win regardless of road position so he can go cry himself a river as far as I’m concerned.

      Meeke was on fire this weekend and I’m not sure Ogier could have done anything about it, regardless of where he started.

      • Alvin Kato

        Its hard to respond to someone who disregards the notion of “fair” competition and the words “equal opportunity”. You would n’t punish a genius for being smart, would you?

        But then again from what you have said above am guessing you would and let the genius “cry himself a river” after…..

        Meekes’s fire would have burned out if he had been forced to be road sweeper on day 2, and I’m sure there’s something Ogier would have done about it if he was starting behind him. Meeke knows it, we know it, and Ogier knows it, that’s why he’s against the rule and so am I.

        • Dar

          Well, considering this has been one of the most exciting/interesting/diverse-winning WRC seasons in more than a decade and he’s still comfortably leading the championship, I’d think the FIA may have done something positive for the WRC. You can hardly call it punishment when Ogier is still leading comfortably. I’m not saying I’m for or against the road order rule but I certainly don’t feel any pity for Ogier, that’s for sure.

          • Alvin Kato

            Pardon me for being a hater, but forced excitement is worse than fake excitement.

            The commentators are always exclaiming: “Oh could we have another winner this time around? Last time it happened was over 10 years ago” making it sound as if drivers are driving their boots off when in reality its just a collection of charity wins ripe for the picking off the FIA charity tree.

            I don’t see what positivity there is in rewarding weak and mediocre drivers with charity wins……

            Fortunately the gravel rallies are over and I’ll be spared the horror of seeing another charity winner picking the trophy and jumping up the top of his vehicle with the excitement of someone who really fought for a win…..

            Punishment is when what is yours is taken away because your skill, desire, your speed is seen as a “threat” to others, especially when they are weaker which is the case with most of the drivers today.

            What you call Ogier winning “comfortably” is years and years of skill honed through practice, mistakes and failures. He was n’t given those wins or points he earned them, by beating all the rest fair and square, something none of the others have managed to do hence these charity wins!

            You know the reason most fans are excited or pleased with this is because they are not competitors, if they were in Ogier’s shoes they would be crying and whining every single second.

          • Dar

            Well that is certainly your opinion and you’re entitled to it. It’s not fake excitement for the various winners of the rallies and it’s not fake excitement for me (or my friends that have all enjoyed this year’s season tremendously).

            So what is your stance on Ogier running first for two days on the tarmac rallies? While the advantage certainly doesn’t match the advantage of running lower in the order on gravel rallies, it’s certainly still an advantage running first on tarmac rallies. Therefore you should have just as much disdain for the “charity wins” that he’ll certainly rack up over the remainder of the year.

            Ogier’s success also has a little something to do with the car he’s driving and the budget VW has been able to secure. I’m not sure that they’ll be able to keep it up with the Dieselgate fallout but they’ve certainly been the team with the most substantial budget the last few years.

            If anyone was in Ogier’s shoes I’m sure they’d be pretty damn happy as they’d be about to win another WRC Championship. You don’t see the other competitors talking nearly as much shit as Ogier has been about the road orders.

            Look, Ogier is a fantastic driver and nothing can take that away from him. I just think he’s boring as hell (robotic) and a tremendous whiner.

          • Alvin Kato

            And you are entitled to yours as well. That’s the best part about having these discussions.

            It is forced and fake excitement in the sense that there would n’t be any excitement if those winners had gone head to head to with Ogier in the first place. Take away those running order rules and am sure those celebratory pictures would have been replaced with these kinds of emojis–> :( :/ O_0

            My stance on Ogier running first on tarmac rallies stays the same, champion first on day 1, event leader on day 2, reverse order on day 3.

            Your statement assumes that its a given that Ogier will just blitz through and win the remaining tarmac events, forgetting that as Finland shows even he can make mistakes.

            My dear friend, when Ogier wins its not charity, its a “VICTORY” win. He earns it, shows all the drivers a clean pair of heels from the get go and that’s why you and most WRC fans hate him, because he is THAT GOOD!

            People always love fielding that old excuse of VW having a “the best car” as well as the “biggest” budget, but how come Makinen beat WRC cars 4 times in a group A Lancer, or how about what Meeke just did in a 2015 D33? NOTE: we can disregard the fact that it was a charity win for now :)

            “If anyone was in Ogier’s shoes I’m sure they’d be pretty damn happy as they’d be about to win another WRC Championship.” thats not a true statement. If the leash was off Ogier’s back we would have been celebrating a 4th title at about this time, but since there are 6 more events to go, and he’s only won 2, any screw up and we might as well as forget about the 4th title.

            Of course the other competitors won’t talk *bleep* when they are benefiting. Kris LOVES this rule because he gets to enjoy more charity wins, same with Hayden and the funny thing is that most if not all of these other drivers crumble when they are at the front sweeping the road.

            Now to crumble when you are the first car is understandable, but to crumble when you are second, right behind Ogier who’s cleaning up for you??? What does that say about their driving skills and your previous wins?? Answer –> CHARITY.

            Poor people won’t complain when the rich are being taxed. But when the poor person becomes a millionaire overnight and gets a 50% tax slap on his face, then you can be sure he’ll be opening his mouth to scream and whine for the rest of his life.

            Its the same with your beloved other drivers, if this rule remains and Ogier retires, you’ll be sure that there will be a legion of “whiners” in WRC world and am certain Meeke(given his past emotional actions) will be at the forefront of this “whining” charge.

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