Getting Excited for Dirt 4!

In all honesty, we’re a bit late to this party since news about Dirt 4 has been around for months now. However, we’ve got a break between WRC events, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to write a piece about Codemaster’s new rally game. If I could sum up everything I’ve heard about this game into one sentence, it would be this. Dirt 4 is Dirt Rally, but a whole lot better, and with a whole lot more stuff to do. I’ll be honest that when I first heard about the game and saw the landrush buggies and trucks, my heart sank a little bit. I began to fear that this was going to be a game that had so much extra stuff that the proper stage rallying would be diluted. Everything that I’ve heard from the developers is that this won’t be the case. Yes, there will be Landrush and Rallycross, but these will not be subtracting anything from the stage rallying within the game.

Without a doubt, the coolest feature in Dirt 4 has got to be “Your Stage”. Every time I’ve reviewed a rally game, almost every one has fallen short due to stage selection. The stages are either too short, too similar, or too few in number to keep my interest in the game for a long period of time. As great as the stages in Dirt Rally were, there just weren’t enough, and that hurt the longevity of the game. Your Stage seems to have gotten rid of this problem. From the looks of it, the generator will spit out nearly an infinite combination of stages with detailed pace notes. This is absolutely a game changer. No longer will we be worrying about memorizing stages. Online leagues will be able to level the playing field to prevent people from practicing the same stretch of road over and over again before competing. I’ll be honest and say that I am still wondering how different these stages will really feel. With only 5 confirmed locations, I’m still a bit concerned about getting tired of a location. However, if this technology is as versatile as Codemasters say it is, perhaps it will allow for more locations to be added in the future!

We’re going to do a lot more coverage of Dirt 4 in the coming months, and we might have a nice little surprise for you coming up, so watch this space. Until then, enjoy this video showing us some of the details about the new “Your Stage” feature.