Does Spectating the WRC Still Offer the Best “Bang for the Buck”?

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  • Alvin Kato

    Spot on mate. I’ve always felt that way for a while now. I feel even stronger about that now that I can watch WRC from my home. There are some key improvements needed but with the live stage feature available, whether am on the actual stage or not does n’t seem to matter much anymore these days.

    • Jason Anthony

      I’m hoping that someday, we might be able to get live onboards for every stage, but for now, the radio, tracking maps, and live stages on Saturday and Sunday have left us pretty spoiled.

  • Philip Rose

    Having been a fan of rallying for the best part of 50 years ranging from competitor to vehicle preparation and working lose with some of the works teams in the late 70s and early 80s, I have to say that for some time the regulations have completely destroyed the sport.
    There are so few teams and entries all running virtually identical cars that the final spectacle is about as exciting as train spotting.
    Take a step back 20 to 30 years, ban 4wd, make the cars closer to the production models to reduce cost and encourage more manufacturers back into the sport and we may just get back to something worth watching.
    I’m not holding my breath but it doesn’t hurt to dream.
    Just as an aside the same stupid regulations have equally destroyed Rally Cross, specifically created by the TV to give a real fast and furious spectacular form of motor sport. I have just watched 90 minutes of the last word championship round and managed to see one overtake.
    I’m now going down to the beach to count the pebbles for a bit of excitement .

    • Jason Anthony

      Right there with you. I’d like to see more of a return to production spec cars as well… something to aspire to buy. At the moment, if someone wanted to buy a model featured in the WRC, it would look nothing like what they are seeing on the stages. The best drivers in the world can make any car look exciting… FWD, RWD, Group N, etc…

      • FuchsrohreWRC

        Production spec cars aren’t going to happen – which is why the WRCar formula came in. But, I do take your point. There was a time when a rally car park was full of homologation specials; Lancia Delta, Imprezas, Mitsubishi Galants/ Lancers, Toyota Celiacs, Nissan Sunny/ Pulsar GTi-R, etc

    • FuchsrohreWRC

      Top post!! And someone who hasn’t been taken in by the propaganda this year. We were told about these new for 2017 cars; but as Jason said in the article, nothing has really changed. Except they’re faster, with more BHP & more downforce. So, what was the point? Has the spectacle increased? I’m not so sure. And as, ever, once the other motorsport series start, the interest in the WRC drops off – as seen from many motorsport forums.

  • desimpelaere bert

    If you can, join us at Ypres this year! It will be a crazy edition with every one from the belgian rallyscene who can drive somehow, Thierry who’s coming and the inclusion of the british championship it will be an edition to remember. I’m 100procent sure and I’m doing a lot of rallies myself, living 20kms from Ypres so we are spoiled here I know. Only the adac wrc Germany rates higher for me this year but very closely after follows Ypres…

    • Jason Anthony

      I’d love to, but this year doesn’t look possible. I may look to put it on my 2018 calendar though!

  • CT

    Why didn’t you just walk on the road anyway? In most WRC events the marshalls will tell you to not walk on the road if they get the chance. 3 hours before you should just walk past or go through the forest to sneak by. This has more to do with the WRC than the national rallying culture, as it’s obviously not as harsh in other rallies. In Wales Rally GB you can’t even recce the stages, that makes finding your own spots impossible if you don’t rely on people who have reccied.

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