Mikkelsen lands a one-off at Citroën

  • Revenger210

    Yay you’re back! :D

    Mikkelsen coming back to action is an amazing piece of news and it’s mad that nobody had hired him earlier this season. I hope he does well so we can have a bigger fight for the title!

    • Alvin Kato

      Finally! I was honestly getting tired of seeing Lefebvre in a wrc drive and Mikkelsen in wrc2. I hope Mikkelsen shows enough power to enable him become to land the 4th car whenever Sheikh Khalid is away during this season and the full time drive for next year!

  • Jason Anthony

    Tom’s Back! :-)

    It’s very interesting this one… Citroen are certainly sending a message with this one off, but to who exactly, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. In one sense, they say that their existing drivers are safe, but despite the corporate BS, this is a clear wake-up call to Meeke and Lefevbre. Breen I would imagine is pretty safe based on his solid and consistent performances this season. They might also be sending a message to the other teams… (ie. Hyundai) that they are ready to go toe to toe in order to secure Mikkelsen. It might also be a message to Mikkelsen that they are more serious than Hyundai and that his best chances are with Citroen. Whatever it is, it’s a big deal, and a huge testament to the relentless work Andreas has done this season to keep his skills sharp and his name out there. In may ways, his stock is now higher than several drivers currently in 2017 cars… just as I thought would happen before the season started.

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