Dirt 4 Review Part 4: Everything Else

  • Justin White

    Strongly disagree on the damage model. I have yet to kill a car in D4, and haven’t come close to going over the time limit at service, even with a wash everytime. I basically get a 100% fresh car at every service, even with multiple rolls and bashing through fields.

    • Jason Anthony

      Try doing a full 12 stage rally with Level D parts… you will have to be careful with how you drive. Also, run a loop of 6 long stages between service halts… you’ll find yourself limping to the end of the stages by the end of the loop.

      • Rico

        So basically what u r saying is that if you have level “A” in “facilities” ( your team) and in “parts” on your car your not experiencing this wear? I have “A’s” but haven’t tried the the looooong loop of stages in “freeplay” yet. When I’m playing in career mode I agree with Justin White !

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