It’s Just A Test… For Now.

  • oregonwings

    Motorsport magazine stated specifically “The establishment of PSA Motorsport – encompassing the three brands Peugeot, Citroen, and DS within the group – has allowed the now Peugeot-contracted Loeb to drive Citroen’s 2017 World Rally Car” …. So to start this announcement is about PSA Group creating the new “PSA Motorsport” brand so that Loeb who was contractually bound to Peugeot only, could also drive any Citroens. With that problem solved, will he do anything more than test? I do not think he would do more than maybe a single one-off event at most, and likely one in Europe. Why do I think that? One would have to remember that Loeb didn’t leave WRC because he was bored or because he didn’t like the sport anymore, but mainly because he was tired of all the travel and time away from his family. I do not see Loeb returning to a full season or going to fly away events because of this. Yes he does some travel with WorldRX, but it isn’t being gone a week plus testing, it’s a long weekend at best. Does his presence put pressure on Meeke? It does only in that it shows how poorly the development of the Citroen C3 platform has been. The blame can’t completely be on Kris Meek as Citroen had their eyes so focused on WTCC for 3 years prior. It could be that they had limited engineering help from the team in the one year of development as the WTCC contract finished up last year. Just some educated guessing on my part. Meeke will have to of course perform at Finland. That is a must. I think the car is fast enough to be on the podium, but will it be stable over all those jumps? That’s the part that is harder to determine as the suspension and drive train appear to be the source of most of their issues.

    I think my only take on this announcement at this point is that it will be exciting to see Loeb back in a Citroen red racing suit again, and it gives me hope that the C3 will become more competitive if not by the end of this year, then next year after they are able to spend more development tokens in the off season.

    • wrblog

      Now imagine Loeb score a convincing win behind the wheel of a car everyone else has been complaining about. Maybe they just called him in to simply have a go, see what’s wrong and tell them what needs fixing. Of course, it also puts a nice little pressure on the existing drivers, especially if Loeb’s outing ends up being a good result, though one-offs are usually not the best way to measure someone’s current form.

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