A Few Thoughts on WRC 7

  • Alvin Kato

    Wonderful review! I have n’t played it yet been enjoying wrc6 but now am most definitely going to wait for a sale.
    Also I wish that the WRC games ended up as some sort of yearly upgrades with a base game, where each year new stages and tracks get added, and cars and drivers updated, maybe this would make development easier for Kylotonn Games because as it is, I don’t see myself buying a WRC game every year if this keeps up…


    Sorry but this game feels like you are driving on a snooker table. I’m using the Fanatec Ps4 wheel. v3 pedals, handbrake and shifter and there is absolutely NO feeling of road surface texture whatsoever. Tarmac, dirt, snow and ice! you can’t feel any difference at all. The game has some good points but the negatives outway the positives. Save your money.

    • CT

      Disagree. This is the only good game of the entire WRC franchise. WRC6 was just as shit as the previous titles. WRC7, with the right settings, is good even alongside RBR and Dirt.

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