It’s Time for Hyundai to Focus on 2018

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  • FuchsrohreWRC

    One wonders if 2017 will come to be viewed as a missed opportunity for both Neuville & Hyundai; points haemorrhaged at Monte, Deutschland and now Catalunya – and all to less than massive ‘hits’.

    And while it’s easy to be wise after the event, shouldn’t Hyundai instructed/ ordered their drivers to not to ‘cut’ during the Tarmac legs; and avoid any possible risk?

    As already said, for all 3 cars to suffer a similar issue is not unlucky, especially as it’s happened before; it’s a fundamental issue with the suspension/ wheel area.

    • Jason Anthony

      I completely agree, this season was Hyundai’s best chance to take either a driver’s or manufacturer’s title. It will absolutely be remembered as a missed opportunity. About backing off and avoiding risk… Neuville was at the point where he needed to push as hard as he could. At the WRC level, there is no room for a driver to lift off when fighting for a championship. He needs to completely trust the car not to break when he pushes it, but unfortunately for all 3 Hyundai drivers, the car let them down. Hyundai needs to fix this problem fast or else their drivers will lose all confidence to push the car to its limits. Without that confidence, they will not find the pace they need to win.

  • Rico

    If I remember correctly Hyundai have had problems with weak suspension/wheel hub before. For example In their 1th year in the WRC both Hänninen & Neuville encountered problems when they hit something with the left ( or) right wheel. As u say it seems like this isn’t just bad luck…

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